Directional Rumble Strips for Reducing Wrong-Way-Driving Freeway Entries

Principal Investigator:

  • Albert C.J. Luo, Professor, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville


  • Huaguo Zhou, Associate Professor, Auburn University

Project Summary:

Wrong-way driving on freeways has been identified as a serious traffic safety problem. Drivers who make wrong-way entries onto freeways pose a serious risk to the safety of other motorists and themselves. This study investigates the feasibility of a novel design of directional rumble strips (DRS) to discourage wrong-way entries onto freeway exit-ramps. In addition, proper implementation locations for different DRS patterns were identified.

Previous field tests completed in Fall 2015 evaluated the effectiveness of five types of DRS concept designs. The field tests concluded both sound and vibration analysis of five patterns with different configurations. Three patterns (Pattern C, Pattern D Configuration 3, and Pattern E) were recommended for future verification and final implementation. During the last 6 months, verification field tests were conducted by an Auburn University (AU) team according to prior results and recommendations to evaluate the effectiveness of those three recommended DRS patterns.

The field tests were conducted at the AU National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) in November 2016 to collect sound and vibration generated by the three DRS patterns. Statistical analysis was conducted to examine the difference between right-way and wrong-way direction for both sound and vibration. The results were consistent with prior results. Pattern C generated significant sound and vibration differences in right-way and wrong-way direction at speeds from 10 to 25 mph. Pattern E showed a significant statistical vibration difference at the speed of 45 mph.

Next steps for this project will define the proper locations for installing the different types of DRS.

Project Details:

  • Start date: 08/2014
  • Project Status: Active
  • Research Area: Transportation Safety and Traffic Flow

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