The Roadway Safety Institute is working to reduce crashes and save lives on our nation’s roadways—and has created a video highlighting these efforts.

The video features interviews with RSI director Max Donath and researchers from across the region whose projects range from reducing crashes at rail grade crossings to investigating roadway safety issues on tribal lands. The video also gives a look at some of the Institute's education efforts, including the development of a museum exhibit designed to introduce preteens to safety concepts.

Another new video guides practitioners through the use of a spreadsheet tool that can help determine when it’s safe to use flashing yellow arrows. The tool was developed as part of a project sponsored by the Minnesota Local Road Research Board and led by RSI researcher Gary Davis, a professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Davis’s project developed guidelines for time-of-day use of permitted left-turn phasing.

Traffic engineers can use the spreadsheet tool to determine at which times of day crash risk is sufficiently low for flashing yellow arrows to be implemented safely to allow left turns at a specific intersection. The instructional video helps users understand the methodology behind the spreadsheet tool as well as how to use it. An instructor walks users through an example intersection, describes the inputs needed, and explains how to interpret the results.

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