Kids learning about reflectivity at exhibit

Roadway Safety Institute staff taught more than 450 kids about reflectivity, pedestrian visibility, and safety at Tech Fest on February 27. The event, hosted annually by The Works Museum in Bloomington, is designed to introduce kids to engineering and technology concepts through hands-on activities and demos.

At the Institute exhibit, kids and their families viewed the “No White at Night” video as an introduction to reflectivity and safety. Then, they experimented with flashlights, a black box, road signs, and other materials to learn about the principles of light and reflectivity.

Visitors also struck a pose in the reflectivity photo booth, where they could try on reflective costumes (including vests and headlamps) to help them understand what types of clothing they can wear to help them be seen and be safe.

Kids learning about reflectivity at exhibit

The Institute’s exhibit piloted a concept that will be used in a permanent exhibit to be installed at The Works later this year.

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