Greg Lindsey

Professor Greg Lindsey was recently appointed as the first scholar-in-residence at the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).

Lindsey, who is spending his sabbatical from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs on bicycle and pedestrian counting research projects, will be working in the MnDOT Office of Transit’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Section until June 2016. This is believed to be the first time MnDOT has appointed an in-house scholar.

“We’ll be working on institutionalizing bicycle and pedestrian counting, so local engineers and planners have evidence for planning and investing in new facilities and establishing priorities for investments to increase safety,” Lindsey says.

Lindsey specializes in environmental and transportation planning, policy, and management. Partners in his research include MnDOT, the Minneapolis Department of Public Works, Transit for Livable Communities, and the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board.

“My residency at MnDOT will advance a variety of initiatives, including my work for the Roadway Safety Institute on nonmotorized transportation monitoring and measurement of exposure to risk,” Lindsey says. “One of our goals is to develop tools that practitioners can use to prioritize investments for infrastructure to increase biking and walking safety.”

“[Lindsey’s] work to institutionalize bicycle and pedestrian monitoring throughout Minnesota is central to our efforts to establish the evidence we need to maximize the efficiency of our investments in infrastructure and the safety of our transportation facilities,” MnDOT Commissioner Charles Zelle wrote.

(Adapted from an article published on the joint MnDOT/CTS Crossroads blog.)

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