March 22, 2016

About the Presentation

In this presentation, John Hourdos discussed completed and ongoing research conducted by the Minnesota Traffic Observatory (MTO) on the safety of two-lane roundabouts. In 2011, the MTO investigated an ongoing problem at a two-lane roundabout in Richfield, MN—at the time, one of the few modern urban roundabouts in the Twin Cities. Following its construction, although the roundabout did help reduce fatal and severe crashes, there was a substantial increase in property-damage-only crashes. With the assistance of local and national roundabout experts, changes in the signs and lane markings at the roundabout were implemented and evaluated by the MTO. Some of these designs have shown great promise, prompting the continuation of the research with an ongoing project that is analyzing driver violations as surrogate safety measures on four additional roundabouts in Minnesota.

Then, Joe Gustafson discussed the evolution of multilane roundabouts within Washington County, Minnesota, including positive treatments that have been implemented and directions for future research and implementation. Washington County first constructed a multilane roundabout in 2007, but it was plagued by frequent minor crashes. The county has since implemented several roundabout treatments, some of which were rooted in or informed by U of M research.


About the Speakers

John Hourdos

Joe Gustafson

John Hourdos is the director of the Minnesota Traffic Observatory and research associate professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering at the University of Minnesota. His research interests are traffic simulation and model calibration, as well as traffic safety focusing on analysis and crash prevention.

Joe Gustafson serves as the traffic engineer for Washington County, Minnesota, where he has worked since 2008. Gustafson is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of Minnesota and holds certification as a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE). He currently serves on the Minnesota Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and as a county representative on the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Roundabout Steering Committee.


The webinar series is sponsored by the Roadway Safety Institute and the Midwest Transportation Center at Iowa State University.