Past Seminars


Making Autonomous Vehicles a Reality: Precise Localization using Precise GPS, Map, and Perception Sensors
December 5

Railroad Grade Crossings: Accident Prediction Models and Adjustments for Historical Data
April 26

Building a Freeway Laboratory for Connected Vehicle and Traffic Safety Research and Development
April 19

Smart Human-Centered Collision Prevention System for Bicycles
April 12

In-Vehicle Dynamic Curve Speed Warnings at High-Risk Rural Curves
March 29

Estimating Drivers’ Behaviors from Event Data Recorder Data
March 22

Using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology to Alert Motorists Approaching Work Zones
March 8

Exposure to Risk, the Built Environment, and Bicycle Crashes in Minneapolis
February 22

Non-Adherence with Employer-Mandated Sleep Apnea Treatment and Increased Risk of Serious Truck Crashes
February 15

Always Be Sure to Check Your Surroundings: Driver Performance Research in the Age of Driverless Cars
February 8

Toward Greater Understanding of the Relationship Between Public Perceptions of Speed, Speed Laws, and Safety
February 1

Toward Minimalistic and Learning-Enabled Autonomous Navigation
January 25

Designing In-Vehicle Systems for High-Risk Drivers: Bridging the Gap Between Teens and Older Drivers
January 18


Factors that Influence Collision Perception and Implications for Transportation Safety
December 8

Complete Streets: A Policy for Pedestrian and Bike Safety?
December 1

California Tribal Road Safety Data Project: Methods, Challenges, and Preliminary Results
November 10

Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC): What, Why, and How?
October 27

Current and Future GNSS Applications for Vehicle Navigation and Guidance
October 20

Safety in Numbers: Estimating Bicyclist Activity and Safety in Minneapolis
October 13

Wearable Technologies and Smart Materials: Applications for Transportation and Safety
October 6

Analyzing Indiana Crash Data to Inform Traffic Safety Policy and Program Development
September 29

Predictive Modeling of Rail Track Geometry Defects Toward Improved Safety and Maintenance
September 22

Perceptions and Impacts of Speeding Laws and Policies in Minnesota
September 15

Systemic Approaches to Rural Highway Safety
September 8


A Positioning and Mapping Methodology Using Bluetooth and Smartphone Technologies to Support Situation Awareness and Wayfinding for the Visually Impaired
December 10

Distracted Driving: The Last Two Seconds of Your Life
December 3

Pedestrian Safety, Pedestrian Behavior, and Intersection Design and Control
November 19

Assessing Roadway Safety Risks in American Indian Reservations
November 12

Magnetic Sensor Systems for Collision Prediction, Traffic Counting, and Other Applications
November 5

Automated Identification and Extraction of Horizontal Curve Information from GIS Roadway Maps: Improving Safety on All Roadways
October 22

Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Traffic and Infrastructure Surveillance: Opportunities and Challenges
October 15

Modeling the Effects of Drivers’ Adaptive Behavior on System Safety
October 8

Low-Cost Centimeter-Accurate Mobile Positioning
October 1

Traffic Monitoring in Safety-Critical Environments
September 24

Characterizing Uncertainty in Left-Turn Crash Reconstructions Using Event Data Recorder Data
September 17

The Minnesota Strategic Highway Safety Plan
September 10


Improving Traffic Safety and Mobility Using DSRC-Based V2V Communication
December 4, 2014

The Evolution of Hot Spot Mapping of Crashes: Past, Present, and Future
November 20, 2014

Investigating the Impact of the I-94 Active Traffic Management System on Safety
November 6, 2014

Obesity and Crash Risk in a Population of Tractor-Trailer Drivers
October 30, 2014

Model Criticism and Validation in Crash Reconstruction
October 23, 2014

Computerized Crash Reports Usability and Design Investigation
October 16, 2014

Big Brother is My Co-Pilot: Impacts of and Attitudes Towards Driver Behavior Regulations
October 9, 2014

Micro and Macro Analysis of Railroad Grade Crossing Safety
October 2, 2014

Performance Measures for Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety: Challenges in Monitoring Traffic and Assessing Exposure to Risk
September 25, 2014

Emerging Safety Countermeasures for Wrong-Way Driving Crashes
September 18, 2014

Supporting New Teen Drivers During Independent Driving
September 11, 2014

Advancing Pedestrian Safety: Countermeasures that Work
June 27, 2014

Understanding Young Driver Behavior to Prevent Risk
February 11, 2014