Thursday, February 8, 2018

About the Seminar

Driver behavior is a factor in 94 percent of all crashes, according to NHTSA. In this presentation, Rondell Burge, a driver performance researcher at General Motors (GM), explained how he researches ways that may reduce risky behaviors (and thereby crashes, injuries, and fatalities). He also discussed how this knowledge can be used to influence product and system design.

Establishing requirements and best practices through driver-focused research is critical in designing safe in-vehicle technology. Furthermore, on the road to automation, there are many traditional safety performance and other safety challenges that require proper support and performance requirements. GM initiatives to address safety challenges include leveraging OnStar data to analyze driver behavior for use in the design process and focusing on reducing crashes involving vulnerable road users, kids and teen drivers, distraction, and drowsy or impaired driving.


About the Speaker

Rondell Burge is a driver performance researcher at General Motors. His research focuses on the assessment of driver performance and behavior as it relates to active safety, driver assistance, and automated driving systems. In the past, he was director of human centered design at Lextant, where he specialized in providing human factors expertise and usability evaluations for various in-vehicle technologies.