December 4, 2015

About the Workshop

This workshop, presented by noted Roadway Safety Institute researcher and instructor Dr. Ron Van Houten of Western Michigan University, shared innovative treatment options to serve pedestrians in a wide variety of walking environments. Based on the latest research, Dr. Van Houten discussed emerging treatment options for a variety of intersections, environments, and users. Data on treatment efficacy was included. Dr. Van Houten also shared his human factors expertise by discussing how to change a community's safety culture.

After his presentation, a facilitated conversation allowed attendees to discuss local areas of concern and evaluate potential solutions for their own challenging design problems.

About the Presenter

Ron Van Houten

Dr. Ron Van Houten is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Western Michigan University and a researcher with the Roadway Safety Institute. He is a behavior analysis expert in the areas of traffic safety, pedestrian safety, intelligent transportation systems, traffic calming, bicycle safety, seat belt use, and reducing impaired driving. His research interests include all aspects of traffic and pedestrian safety, the use of technology to implement behavioral principles, and community/organizational psychology.

Dr. Van Houten's specific projects have included conducting research on bicycle lanes, participating in the development of shared use bicycle marking, and completing a number of large-scale studies on reducing nighttime pedestrian crashes. He also completed an evaluation for the FHWA on the Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon. Many of these projects included social norming elements to target shifts in the safety culture.