Past Events


February 27

Preparing Students for Careers that Use New Transportation Technologies


December 18

University of Minnesota HumanFIRST Simulator Open House, Minneapolis, MN

December 5

Seminar: Making Autonomous Vehicles a Reality—Precise Localization using Precise GPS, Map, and Perception Sensors

April 26

Seminar: Railroad Grade Crossings: Accident Prediction Models and Adjustments for Historical Data

April 19

Seminar: Building a Freeway Laboratory for Connected Vehicle and Traffic Safety Research and Development

April 12

Seminar: Smart Human-Centered Collision Prevention System for Bicycles

March 29

Seminar: In-Vehicle Dynamic Curve Speed Warnings at High-Risk Rural Curves

March 22

Estimating Drivers’ Behaviors from Event Data Recorder Data

March 8

Using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology to Alert Motorists Approaching Work Zones

February 22

Seminar: Exposure to Risk, the Built Environment, and Bicycle Crashes in Minneapolis

February 15

Seminar: Non-Adherence with Employer-Mandated Sleep Apnea Treatment and Increased Risk of Serious Truck Crashes

February 8

Seminar: Always Be Sure to Check Your Surroundings: Driver Performance Research in the Age of Driverless Cars

February 1

Seminar: Toward Greater Understanding of the Relationship Between Public Perceptions of Speed, Speed Laws, and Safety

January 25

Seminar: Toward Minimalistic and Learning-Enabled Autonomous Navigation

January 18

Seminar: Designing In-Vehicle Systems for High-Risk Drivers: Bridging the Gap Between Teens and Older Drivers


December 9

Museum Exhibit Grand Opening

December 8

Seminar Series: Factors that Influence Collision Perception and Implications for Transportation Safety

December 1

Seminar Series: Complete Streets: A Policy for Pedestrian and Bike Safety?

November 10

Seminar Series: California Tribal Road Safety Data Project: Methods, Challenges, and Preliminary Results

October 27

Seminar Series: Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC): What, Why, and How?

October 20

Seminar Series: Current and Future GNSS Applications for Vehicle Navigation and Guidance

October 13

Seminar Series: Safety in Numbers: Estimating Bicyclist Activity and Safety in Minneapolis

October 6

Seminar Series: Wearable Technologies and Smart Materials: Applications for Transportation and Safety

September 29

Seminar Series: Analyzing Indiana Crash Data to Inform Traffic Safety Policy and Program Development

September 22

Seminar Series: Predictive Modeling of Rail Track Geometry Defects Toward Improved Safety and Maintenance

September 15

Seminar Series: Perceptions and Impacts of Speeding Laws and Policies in Minnesota

September 8

Seminar Series: Systemic Approaches to Rural Highway Safety

July 11-22

National Summer Transportation Institute

May 10

Transportation Research Webinar: Computerized Crash Reports Usability and Design Investigation

April 19

Transportation Research Webinar: Evaluation of Low-Cost Traffic Calming for Small Rural Communities

March 22

Transportation Research Webinar: Evaluation of Safety and Mobility of Two-Lane Roundabouts

February 16

Transportation Research Webinar: Evaluation of Safety Edge Benefits in Iowa

February 4

Innovative Technology Workshop on LIDAR: Duluth, MN

February 2

Innovative Technology Workshop on LIDAR: West St. Paul, MN


December 10

Seminar Series: A Positioning and Mapping Methodology Using Bluetooth and Smartphone Technologies to Support Situation Awareness and Wayfinding for the Visually Impaired

December 4

Pedestrian Safety Workshop: Indianapolis, IN

December 3

Seminar Series: Distracted Driving: The Last Two Seconds of Your Life

December 3

Pedestrian Safety Workshop: Columbus, OH

November 19

Seminar Series: Pedestrian Safety, Pedestrian Behavior, and Intersection Design and Control

November 19

Pedestrian Safety Workshop: Waukesha, WI

November 12

Seminar Series: Assessing Roadway Safety Risks in American Indian Reservation

November 5

Seminar Series: Magnetic Sensor Systems for Collision Prediction, Traffic Counting, and Other Applications

October 22

Automated Identification and Extraction of Horizontal Curve Information from GIS Roadway Maps: Improving Safety on All Roadways

October 15

Seminar Series: Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Traffic and Infrastructure Surveillance—Opportunities and Challenges

October 8

Seminar Series: Modeling the Effects of Drivers’ Adaptive Behavior on System Safety

October 1

Seminar Series: Low-Cost Centimeter-Accurate Mobile Positioning

September 17

Seminar Series: Characterizing Uncertainty in Left-Turn Crash Reconstructions Using Event Data Recorder Data

September 16

Webinar: Reducing driver distraction for young connected drivers with voice-enabled technologies

September 10

Seminar Series: The Minnesota Strategic Highway Safety Plan

May 21

Roadway Safety Showcase


December 4

Improving Traffic Safety and Mobility Using DSRC-Based V2V Communication

November 20

The Evolution of Hot Spot Mapping of Crashes: Past, Present, and Future

November 6

Investigating the Impact of the I-94 Active Traffic Management System on Safety

October 30

Obesity and Crash Risk in a Population of Tractor-Trailer Drivers

October 23

Model Criticism and Validation in Crash Reconstruction

October 16

Computerized Crash Reports Usability and Design Investigation

October 9

Big Brother is My Co-Pilot: Impacts of and Attitudes Towards Driver Behavior Regulations

October 2

Micro and Macro Analysis of Railroad Grade Crossing Safety

September 25

Performance Measures for Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety: Challenges in Monitoring Traffic and Assessing Exposure to Risk

September 18

Emerging Safety Countermeasures for Wrong-Way Driving Crashes

September 11

Supporting New Teen Drivers During Independent Driving

June 27

Advancing Pedestrian Safety: Countermeasures that Work

February 11

Understanding Young Driver Behavior to Prevent Risk