Students Hands on Students playing

In 2015, the Roadway Safety Institute sponsored one day of the two-week camp on June 16 in Mahnomen, Minnesota. Students studied GIS mapping, reaction time and distracted driving, and reflectivity and pedestrian visibility. Through these interactive lessons, students deepened their science and math skills while learning practical lessons about being safe travelers and advocating for others to do the same. Connections to students’ heritage included Ojibwe vocabulary lessons and discussions of local animals’ travel patterns and traits.

Local engineers and a 3M representative participated in the lessons, sparking students’ desire to pursue higher education and STEM careers. Generous donors provided flashlights and reflective safety gear to help students practice the safety skills they learned. 

The Roadway Safety Institute thanks the following volunteers and donors for their contributions:


  • Rich Sanders, Polk County
  • Jon Large, Mahnomen County
  • Bruce Jacoby, 3M


  • Dero (50 reflective ankle bands)
  • 3M (50 sets of reflective stickers)
  • Airport Technical Assistance Program (50 flashlights)
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation (signage)